Windows are the main point of attack in burglaries

Windows are the main point of attack in burglaries. They are undermined in seconds with a screwdriver. With mechanical improvements can be a good standard to be achieved. Security windows are available in two resistance classes.

The resistance classes

  • Resistance class 1 (WW1):

These windows offer a basic protection against physical violence, such as the as kicking, heaving etc.

  • Resistance class 2 (WK2):

These windows also hold against attacks with screwdrivers, pliers or wedges stood.

The advantages of the Security window

  • Security seal parts made ​​of hardened steel in the corner regions: protects against prying out of the closed or tilted window.
  • Strong, burglar-proof laminated glass with safety film: they make it more difficult by its special structure, the breakdown of the disc.
  • Push button handles prevent hardware manipulation.
  • Drilling … prevents drilling from the outside.

The glass

The weakest point of the window is usually the glass. A laminated safety glass protects not only against burglars but also from injury in case of breakage. The laminated safety glass composed of two single lenses which are connected by very tough, durable films. If the disc is damaged, the splinters remain on the slide stick. According to the classification in the safety classes safety glass is classified as projectile- proof glass.