On these dates of Christmas and New Year, some people move to other cities or to the homes of relatives or friends – or simply to go out to party or celebrate a cotillion. Regardless of our case, it is worth bearing in mind that these dates make it easier for thieves and, therefore, the risk that we will suffer a robbery increases.

They are dates, especially during the most marked days, in which the offender knows that if you are not at home, it will take several hours to return. He also knows that the neighbors are at something else and that there is more noise than usual in their homes, so they will hardly hear what happens on their stairs. He also knows that maybe you have prepared gifts of lesser or greater value and without premiering, and that it is possible that you have taken out some cash for these days. He also knows that the security forces are rather “on guard”, and that there is no strong operative against theft.

All this means that, for a criminal, it is easier (less risk to be captured) and, in addition, more attractive (greater possibility of obtaining a booty of easy and quick conversion in cash) commit a robbery.


Fortunately, unless you are an especially appetizing target, you should protect yourself fundamentally from not too professional thieves, who attack mostly by stealing the three minutes. A professional thief will normally attempt higher loot targets; maybe high-end houses, companies or industrial buildings, taking advantage of the alarm and police communication limitations of those hours and dates.

In any case, in addition to having adequate security at your door – security keys controlled and uncopiable , bombs anti bumping , armored shields , security door, alarm and / or safe – it is worthwhile to follow a minimum recommendations if you are absent from home, even if it’s only a few hours.


  • It does not help to have a new armored or security door, if we do not have the precaution of closing with the key.
  • If you have a service key, be sure to block it so that neither the service personnel nor, especially, your environment, which you do not know, could have free access to your home.
  • Make sure your door is not vulnerable to attacks by the 3 minute theft methods. Especially important and simple to install is to have an anti-dumping safety bowser and with VdS ​​BZ + protection.
  • If you trust your close neighbors, it might be a good idea to tell them that you will not be at home and that if they notice something strange they will call you or be attentive to strange noises and people.
  • If you leave home for meals, dinners or celebrations, leave some light and the television or radio on.
  • If you have a safe, deposit your valuables, jewelry and money inside. If you have a key, make sure you do not leave it at home (although it also has an electronic lock).
  • Get rid of gift boxes without giving clues as to what they contained.
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