What is the role of CCTV cameras?

CCTV is the abbreviation for circuit CCTV. In the United States, this system is mainly used for surveillance cameras of businesses. In Europe, the CCTV is incorporated into the police in the central areas of cities in some countries linked by cameras.

What is CCTV?

In essence, is a CCTV video system designed to be viewed only by individual users; the image is not transmitted, but engraved or view a specific monitor. Originally, the CCTV was designed for use in banks and casinos. The signal recorded by the camera is transmitted as coded into a receiver which decodes it. The CCTV relates to a method of transmitting television signals, but the term is most commonly used to refer to surveillance cameras.

Main Function

As mentioned, the CCTV is most commonly used for surveillance. Most important institutions, such as banks or schools have CCTV networks to reduce the need for human security. Prisons use CCTV to monitor the behavior from a central location in addition to regular patrols. Video shot with CCTV can be recorded and reviewed later.

Other Uses

The CCTV has practical applications beyond surveillance and CCTV networks do not necessarily have security cameras. Any type of video technology the site uses CCTV, such as a video conference that is only accessible to a select audience.