What happens after a burglary?

Man comes home – and is in chaos. Books on the floor, cupboards ransacked scattered laundry. The money is gone just like the camera and the images from the wedding of the daughter last weekend. Mobile phone and laptop are gone – and the jewelry: silver chain to the birth of the son, the golden bracelet with the scratch, grandpa’s pocket watch, oh and even the small shell necklace, the gift of the holiday.

Shock, sadness, powerlessness, insecurity – a wave of emotion rolled over burglary victim often, they are all ready.

But now we must act: the police. Call, notify the insurance

Just do not change anything for the track search – must remain the underwear really are?

The police on the scene

This is followed by interviews with the police and the crime scene by recording the crime scene. The low evidence of forced entry at the terrace door show that the burglars could pry the unsecured door in a few seconds.

Some got away, usually not too large of material value, but rather of emotional meaning. Officials try to console, but rediscover the prospect of the stolen items is low.

Clean up and thinking

Finally you can clean up – or better to throw away? Do I want the things that has touched the burglar really tighten again? For an even more intimate insight could not get the culprit.

Thoughts going round in circles: whether the burglar comes back again? Why was he even here? Should we move?

The insurer assesses the damage

Then comes the claims adjuster of the insurer. What exactly got away and how much was the value? What damage to the house, the burglars caused? What is the sum insured? Specter of underinsurance?

Insurance documents will be examined. Is there a valuable asset list or somewhere even purchase receipts?

Although police officers and loss adjusters try proceeding cautiously, the time after a break for burglary victims often the pure stress.

The craftsman repairing the damage

Finally, a craftsman, the damage to the insurer in accordance with the specifications comes patio door repaired. Not infrequently, the craftsman uses the opportunity to burglary victims to burglary protection to address – but beware: not every company knows the police recommendations and advises and mounted after them.

If you look for safety technology decides, one should use a LKA-recognized specialist work together.

Advice from the police consultant

The police had contact with the crime scene recording of police information center left there. Now you could call once. The police consultant comes when desired, for burglary victims home – in mufti, quite unremarkable.

At rest, you can discuss with the police technical consultant which vulnerabilities are available at home or apartment, which measures intrusion protection are useful and how to get through correct behavior can protect against break-ins.

The police advisors as partners in the network “home safe” point in following the advice of the specialist craftsmen of the local community protection of the network. The farms are LKA-recognized (or are possibly just in the admission process) and meet regularly with the police technical consultant on current offenders working practices and effective burglary protection from.

You are able to the  recommendations  of the  police  properly implement and can provide their customers craft to for transferring the  prevention plaque  accompany the network.

And have overcome fear

With the assurance of one’s own four walls begins for many burglary victims of the way back to normality.

Anxiety, sensitivity to noise and sleep disturbance are some of the psychological consequences of a collapse. Many a burglary victim, when it comes home very carefully unlocks and then as the first all rooms checked, see if anyone is there – children who have nightmares – grown men who the “My-Home-is-my-Castle have lost “feeling and are in their own homes on their guard.

With a certified safety technology – Security systems in accordance with the recommendations of the police – many burglary victims feel safe again.

The risk to have to relive the entire horrible experience “slump” is minimized.

Burglary protection: preventive action!

For all those, who by an intruder were spared, it can only be prompt, now preemptively make provisions and are tested burglary protection to care. So that it does not for burglary comes and his often drastically underestimated consequences.