What are the safety measures in your home?

If after watching the news you glad to be inside your house because you are safer than outside, you say that we become confident and sometimes we do not take appropriate action. We even forget to close the front door, has ever happened to you?

On the other hand, will not do much to have bars on your windows, alarm, sensor lamps that light alone,etc…If we make huge oversights in other respects. Check this out:

  1. Always answer phone calls. If you think your home is not only because the phone stops ringing and no one answers, an opportunist thief will find a way to enter your home. You better make clear that the house is occupied at the time.
  2. Always answers the doorbell Do it safely trying to see the person without opening the door. If you have window or door viewer to see the outside, it is valid that you contact the person on the outside even with the door closed.
  3. When you have to hire a worker for home repairs, make sure I have contacted the recommendation or serious property. Often you find workers who are laid down in the street or passing from house to house;are difficult to be sure how reliable they are. If you have no choice and you need to enter your house workers who do not know, try to be with or have a phone conversation with a colleague.
  4. Might be the case that someone asks to use the phone because an emergency arose. Do not miss this person to your house; if necessary, offer to make the call yourself.
  5. A child must be educated from an early age to not open the door immediately called someone. They must learn to be cautious.
  6. Avoid strangers provide personal data provided to carry out a criminal act (by mail, phone, etc.). The more personal information you have someone, have more control of the situation.
  7. Ten at hand and by the phone, a list of emergency phone numbers.
  8. Upon arriving home too late and they shall bear the keys of the house and in hand preference and the area is well lit.
  9. 9 If you arrive home and suspect an intruder in it,do not come! Seek help immediately.
  10. Sets an escape route in your house if you ever need an alternative exit.
  11. If ever you are inside your home and need desperate help, it is best to scream! “Fire”. Thus, there will be a faster reaction of the neighbors. If you cannot get attention, throws things out the window.
  12. Communication with neighbors not underestimate the advantage that the bonding between neighbors. Establish a code to indicate if they have problems at home.

Really these are very simple steps and habits that are easy to adopt. It is important that you review well how to react to a dangerous situation; if you have in mind the solution to a situation, the easier you can react automatically.