Types of security bars for windows

Safety devices for windows prevent intruders from breaking into homes and businesses. The bars visually deter thieves. Any house with bars on the windows will be harder to break and criminals seek a safe house instead. The bars on the window are usually made ​​of steel or aluminum, although more heavy bars of iron forged are available. Some guards have additional features such as alarm activation or removable parts.

Decorative security grilles

Decorative fencing, also called grids are used to both households and businesses. Have a design like section or diamond-shaped, placed at the center of the bars. This type of window guard may also resemble a lattice pattern of colonial or window and appear indistinguishable from the design of the window itself. The stores use grids to cover their front windows and prevent theft by “broken glass “. The louvres are made ​​of various materials. Many older buildings have forged railings iron in both windows and doors. Business owners can choose buildings and modern solid steel bars. Decorative grilles are available in horizontal and vertical designs. These can be permanent or removable.

Removable Safety Grills

Fast release or expandable security bars are rotated outward to allow the homeowner emergency escape. You can remove and replace quickly provided the angle bracket remains in the window frame. Expandable security bars can be adjusted to fit any window size. Steel tubes bars slips into another tube to expand and adapt to any window length. Quick release bars protect the basement door window, front windows and the windows in any room of a house or apartment.

Security Grills bandit

A security fence bandit fits safely through a window either vertically or horizontally. Made of alloy aluminum, the grille is commonly used in basement windows. This protects a sliding window either closed or open. The owner can open and close the window from the inside when the gate is. If an attacker manipulates a magnetic strip on the grille security fire alarm owner. The gate is spring loaded and can be removed for cleaning.

Folding Security Grills window

The folding security gates are easy to install and can be folded and stored when not in use. The owners can be mounted with the brackets and screws in a few steps. Steel bars come in brown, white or black to match the color of the building. Prevent intruders breaking glass, but not obstruct the view of the residents to the outside.

Grids with alarm

Hinges Alloy aluminum window guards alarm trigger give owners extra protection against intruders. Unlike the bandit gate, a single bar placed across a window, Window guards seem alarmed regular security bars. When you remove an active magnetic device security alarm. These bars work with both wired and wireless systems alarms. The homeowner or business must have an alarm system installed in your building for these bars work. The grilles are removable from the inside for cleaning or emergency escape.