Types of fences to close the garden

Already have ready the rest of your home, but you lack one important thing, the type of fence with which to make the closing of your garden. Do you know which to choose?


Gardens:  the best fences are often the wood, such as classical or Ecotraviesa fence, but you can also install metal.

Chalets: one of the most widely used fencing for private residences are long metal fences or classic.

Vines: ideal for installing wire fences.

The fence that you choose to close your garden will depend largely on the type of decor and style that you are following the rest of your house: If you want to be high, that is low, metal or wood, or simply customize with color choose you. These are questions that you will have to do to decide the most appropriate.

Wooden fences and aluminum

They are the classic fences and more are used in residential areas. This type of fencing there are a lot of varieties. They are ideal if you want one they close a garden indoors or if you know the area in which you live are safe. We give some examples:

  • Classic Fence: are ideal if you want to get a rustic and natural setting. Are often used to close gardens, parks, different areas…
  • Fence Ecotraviesa: is a wooden fence that keeps the garden enclosure isolates the body, providing greater privacy. They are perfect for homes or holiday homes in town. Allow privacy but too rustic.
  • Wooden poles: as in the case of ecotraviesas allow you to create intimacy. But also allows for a more natural and rustic than in the previous case style. They are ideal for houses in the countryside. Therefore used in agriculture, trellises, etc…
  • 130 linear Fences: are common in homes, fences and gates are fencing with horizontal lines. They usually go with a stone or brick fence.
  • Fences classic: are common in residential areas, those that you see in American films. Are exclusive to houses and cottages and can go on the floor or a stone wall. They can be painted in different colors.

Other fences are widely used metal. The best known are:

  • Long metal fences: fences though such are sometimes used to close gardens, are commonly used to farm enclosure, as they prevent outsiders from accessing them.
  • Glass and steel fence: while the poles are stainless steel, the coating is 8 mm tempered glass. They are very aesthetic, but dangerous if you have small children.
  • Hercules Panelis those which can be found in public enclosures. ‘re rigid panel fences and poles with pointed end.

Other types of fences

  • Wire Mesh Fence:  these fences are manufactured with crosslinkedwires. Usually they come with some vines or some type of plants to create more privacy. They are ideal for separating between neighboring gardens.
  • Stone Fence: walls and are usually mixed with wood or metal fences for safety.