Types of electronic surveillance cameras

Video surveillance can be used in organizations responsible for security and law enforcement for a number of activities. Depending on the purpose, different types of electronic surveillance cameras are used. Visibly positioned cameras can be used to discourage crime. Police use small “spy cameras” for undercover investigations. Other surveillance cameras are designed to operate in difficult conditions, such as low light, or for special purposes, such as long distance images.

Closed circuit television (CCTV)

You’ve probably seen CCTV systems within banks, office buildings or military installations circuit. Police also used at busy intersections in some urban areas. A closed-circuit camera monitors an area of ‚Äč‚Äčsuspicious activity, such as theft. Many organizations use a group of closed-circuit cameras that feed TV on a bank of video monitors for a security guard to watch different parts of a building, instead of patrolling on foot. In general, the cameras CCTV placed in visible locations to deter criminal activity.

Spy Cameras

Surveillance technology has reduced the video surveillance devices at incredibly small dimensions. Spy cameras can be hidden in pens, smoke detectors and other items of daily use. Video data transmitted wirelessly, so no cables are required to receive a signal. In addition to allowing remote monitoring by individuals, spy cameras can be useful for police working undercover. Some spy cameras have audio capabilities for test recording. Unlike CCTV cameras, the aim of a spy camera is to conduct covert surveillance. Use them when you want to find out what happens when people do not think they are being observed.


The cameras generally work best in bright places, but enforcement depends on the conditions on the ground. For example, a covert military operation will not be able to conduct effective surveillance at night with a conventional video camera. Artificial lighting ruin the operation. Fortunately, infrared surveillance cameras recorded outside the visible color spectrum, allowing law enforcement and security details meet to monitor a sleeping area without detection.

Fake camera surveillance

Some surveillance cameras are monitored live. Others simply record footage of an area if something illegal happens. Still others may not even be operating. However, a potential thief or thieves armed rarely know this information. The mere presence of a video camera is designed to deter crime. Video cameras fake surveillance often have flashing lights and automated movements to look convincing. For small business owners with little money to spend on expensive systems CCTV, these cameras can be the best option.