Security at home during Easter holidays

This week we enjoyed some free days due to Easter, when some lucky take the opportunity to go sightseeing. It is also a time when burglars looking to make their particular August at the expense of the houses are empty. If you do not want to take an unpleasant surprise around, attentive to these safety tips at home during the holidays.

Holiday Safety: Protect your home

The first thing is not to warn the thieves and for this we must avoid the temptation to announce your holiday on social networks. We know it’s hard not to share on Facebook those beautiful photos from your visit to Toledo, but we strongly expect to be back home to do so recommend.

Nothing more inviting thieves to you a stack of newspapers on the porch, or a mailbox full of propaganda. Asks a neighbor pick up your newspapers and mail. If your neighbors can not, you can order the temporary suspension of deliveries during your holiday, if you subscribe to any publication. Nor let a message on the answering machine saying you’re away from home.

Most experts agree that your neighbors are the best defense of your home when you’re not. Get to know them and make friends with them and chances are they are more likely to notice suspicious activity around your house while you are away. Of course, leave everything closed and tightly closed.

If you have an alarm system, take charge of putting publicize it well visible stickers. The aim of the alarms not stop the thief in the assault, but prevent it from home. Consider installing a home automation system. The latest security technology let’s see if any thief loitering at the door of your house, turn off and on lights wherever you’re to look like someone is inside, watch your security cameras and more.

Now let’s get the worst and suppose someone gets comes home. To minimize damage saves your jewelry, coins other valuables in a safe. It is better if that is not safe in your home.