Security at Home 20 Tips to protect your home when you go travel

When the time comes to take well-deserved vacation we have many things to think about, many last-minute details we have to solve. However, among the choice of tourist destination, search for airline tickets and hotel selection usually forget something very important: security at home.

This forgetfulness is a detail that many criminals know and exploit so it is not surprising that the thefts and accidents are more frequent when houses are empty. Last year the newspaper ABC reported that robberies empty homes increased by 17%, a trend that seems to spread over much of Spain.

The basic measures to protect home

Ensuring security at home does not mean only protect our home from theft but also from possible accidents. Fortunately, if you follow these basic protective measures you can minimize the risks:

  • Shut off all lights
  • Use a light timer to indicate that someone is at home
  • Connect a radio to the timer to give the impression that the house is occupied
  • Disconnect all equipment from electrical outlets
  • Close the master keys water and gas
  • Close all windows (both internal and external)
  • Empty the refrigerator and unplug
  • Install and activate an alarm system
  • Hiring a security company by the time you’re out and connect with the alarm system
  • Secure all valuables in a safe
  • Do not leave valuables visible from the outside of the house
  • Prune trees and clean the garden to prevent an accident during a storm and eliminate the possibility that these become a “natural steps” to supply the thieves access to the house
  • Delete subscriptions to newspapers or magazines if he will be out for an extended or ask someone to regularly empty the mailbox time
  • Do not leave house keys outside
  • Do not advertise on the Internet or in public places that you will be away from home
  • Seal the garage and the security door
  • You install protective bars on the windows, especially if you live in a neighborhood with high theft rate
  • Leave a generic message on the answering machine not mention you’re away from home or use the call forwarding service
  • Ask someone you trust to check often the house and leave the data to locate you in an emergency
  • If you’re going out in winter season, you must leave someone in charge of cleaning up the home front in the event of Snow

You can also do a home insurance covering theft or any accidents such as fires and damage caused by atmospheric events. However, you should keep in mind that most insurance companies ask that some of these measures are implemented to ensure maximum security at home.