Security and home automation

Database selected can offer solutions for access control and home security and domestic automation systems.

Complete home automation

For total home automation, smart uses biometrics to connect and control many of the functions and systems of your home from a single, simple interface. You can connect the lighting, heating and air conditioning, blinds, appliances and communications so that live more comfortably. And thanks to optimized energy management also helps you save money and protect the environment!

You can create a ‘night’ button that turns off the house when he goes to sleep – in stages if you prefer. Smart acts as a universal remote for your home, accessible from anywhere via the Internet or mobile phone.

Vascular system to private farms

Ideal for exclusive and parking developments, Staff on Time Palm Secure is one of the safest and most reliable technologies available for the control of private access. It consists of an intuitive scanner of the palms, and is fast and easy to use to access the property, residents simply place your hand in front of the reader.

Automation fingerprint

Staff on Time Pro Bio-I is an economical solution based on vascular reading for security and building automation. Through its Access module can be configured Staff On Time Pro Bio-I for access control, and operate electronic locks, lights, alarms and other electronic equipment, activated by authorized fingerprints.

Biometric lock

Iolite Solo is a standalone device controlled outdoor fingerprint locks oriented enterprises and small businesses, garages and residential houses. Built for outdoor use, this sleek and compact terminal has a robust and watertight structure with IP65 rating.