Safety tips to protect your home

In this blog post, let’s talk about how to keep your home safe and private #LaCostadelSol and what to do in case of theft. The Costa del Sol is a safe place, but it is important to be cautious and avoid surprises. We hope these tips are helpful.

  • You should note that if you live outside the village, most recommended is to strengthen surveillance, as they are often the main objective for the low visibility of neighbors and other houses that can help prevent theft. We advise you have a dog, it is a good method of deterrence.
  • Never hide a spare key near your home or in places like mailbox, pots or box counters. It’s where we first look at a thief.
  • Develop an inventory with serial numbers of electronic equipment, make and model and fotograf√≠elos. In case of theft, it is easier to retrieve.
  • A good reinforcement privacy fences plant would be used to impede visibility to the outside. Routine car parks outside give clues to our presence.
  • Check valuables which is home and not leave it in a place easily accessible, try to keep them in a safe, whether checkbooks, keys, key cards or access codes to online banking.
  • As far as possible avoid discuss your vacation plans and their duration with strangers or social networks and make sure your family do not either.
  • If during this summer sees hanging around your house to unknown individuals or cars, pay attention and avoid any contact with these people, do not open the door or allow them to approach you to the portal, if alive in a complex and threatening their community and neighbors.
  • Inform neighbors if the monitor or president no strangers near their properties. DONATE TO THE SECURITY OF ALL! if you see anything suspicious, do not hesitate to contact the police for thieves any hint of suspicion from the victim does that frighten and change target.
  • Do not stay home with strangers over the phone or internet. Accept only previously requested services (water, electricity, telephone, gas) and require accreditation to its representatives. Keep the door closed until it can fully identify the caller.
  • If after following all these tips, comes home to find the open door or broken window do not enter! Call from outside the police and make sure not to touch anything in the interior, as it can destroy evidence.
  • And finally just it makes it very clear that if a thief enters your home and you are inside, never against you, get out and call who can help you.

We hope to have contributed a little more information on how to protect your home before leaving on vacation, it is very important to follow these steps and watch your belongings, besides helping his safety and that of their families.