Safety tips for your home during holiday

Soon schools will vacation and dads take advantage of this week to make trips outside Lima or even outside the country with their children. To enjoy the most of this trip is important that you have confidence that your home will be protected during your absence.

What to do to make your holiday a chance to enjoy and not a concern?

Do not make public comments about your absence: sometimes the excitement of the journey makes us comment publicly in places where strangers could hear the conversation. This includes making comments on social networks.

Well ensures your doors and windows: Before leaving home, check that all doors and windows of the house are properly closed. An open window, so not easily accessible to intruders, could attract the attention of thieves.

Your belongings are not readily visible: Remember also close the curtains for your belongings as televisions, stereos, etc. are not objects that attract intruders.

Lower the volume of your phone: to prevent it becomes apparent that no one in the house for not answering the phone frequently.

Coordinates the gathering of correspondence: the accumulated correspondence is a sign that no one in the house. Coordinates with a relative to help you collecting it frequently.

Unplug electrical appliances: if possible, disconnect all appliances in your home, including hot springs and closes the faucet. Remember that your alarm panel Key3 has a backup battery 12 hrs. So you need to be permanently connected to the mains.

Activate your alarm with Key3: during your absence Key3 monitor for you to protect your home and be attentive during 24 hours of any incident.

Monitor your home from your Smartphone: if Key3 Total accounts, you can check from your Smartphone cameras placed at home and the status of your alarm.