Safety tips at home for the holidays

Summer, holiday season par excellence … and times of highest number of robberies and assaults to homes. Always worth remembering at this time some basic security measures for these weeks of absence:

  • It is a temptation to publicize how well we had on vacation, but it is best not provide information through social networks. Only people in your utmost confidence should know that will not be found these days at home.
  • The completely closed blinds are continuously clear indication of absence from home. Leave them slightly ajar. Note that unless they were ironclad self – locking would not be a problem for the offender. Much better if someone you trust can come to your home to move them and give a sense of roominess (or remember to move them remotely if you have domotizado system).
  • The full mailbox is another clue to the offender. If you get enough daily correspondence, and depending on the number of days you plan to be out, it would be someone you trust pass to collect the mail from the mailbox.
  • Divert your landline to mobile and disconnect the answering machine if available. If you have installation automation, drive in remote lights and sounds. Otherwise, leave connected a lamp and / or television set, radio / music to a timer plug, allowing you to appear simple and inexpensive way the existence of inhabitants in housing.
  • The windows should be closed tightly and the door (which should be armored) locked (to avoid simple openings with cards or plastic), and leave no key under the doormat, mailbox, in the pot entry … are the first places looking for a criminal. Bulbs / mechanical cylinder locks are no longer safe by simple techniques such as bumping, so your door should have electronic locks security (autonomous electronic bowler hat invisible bolt, etc. (So you avoid the assault done in seconds, without noise and without any signs of forced, which also would be a further problem with the insurance company, which dementia the case). If not your case, is no longer time to them for these dates (his custom fabrication takes about a month, which apĂșntatelo for the turn and do not leave it for the next vacation.) the electronic peepholes are able to record images of people who come through your door or handled during his absence.
  • If you have alarm, do not forget to leave it connected (if not, it would be another reason for the insurance company reneges), but must be aware that these devices do not prevent theft (either because they are violated, either because the offender nor amount is detected because know that the police response time to have time allows). The fogger’s security are novel, deterrents and do allow repel theft (even arrest the offender) and are a very interesting measure.
  • Not completely disconnect power. A doorbell sound betrays absence, and new electricity meters with its red light, too.

Remember that perfect security does not exist, but do not put easy the offender. The holiday break does not become a nightmare back home.