Marketing strategies for a private security company

Private security companies offer a variety of services designed to improve a client’s personal protection. These include offering personnel to protect people or property, conducting threat assessments, providing advice to improve security, conduct surveillance, and conduct private investigations. In order to find customers, almost all private security companies use some form of marketing. Marketing strategies vary depending on the services offered by the company and the market to which they are offering them.


Few clients are willing to hire a security company that cannot offer convincing evidence that they are competent to carry out the required tasks. For this reason, security companies must achieve credentials that indicate that their employees have extensive experience and professional training. Companies should have employees take classes, join professional organizations and obtain relevant licenses. The mention of these credentials by name in print advertising reassures customers that their security is in good hands.

Marketing of the place

Although some private security companies are large enough that they can provide services that suit most customers, most companies must focus on a specific type of security work around which they can base their advertising. For example, a company with extensive experience in private investigations could be promoted as a company that specializes in this area. On the contrary, by naming many services in a single advertisement, many fail to leave consumers with a clear impression of the company.


One of the obstacles that private security companies face in marketing is that many of their previous clients want to keep their relationship with the company confidential. This can make it difficult to get customers through the word. However, some clients may be willing to offer testimonials that testify to their satisfaction with the services the company provides. This provides customers with a means of independently verifying that the company has done a high quality job in the past.

Work in the network

Due to the sensitive work done by private security companies, many clients will only hire a private security company with which they have a personal relationship. For this reason, it is very important that security companies are proactive in creating networks. Having employees make appearances in places where potential customers can meet, such as security fairs, can help spread the word about the company and establish a basic level of trust through personal interaction.