Job Description security guard

The basics

Label safety of shop is a small device plastic that emits a signal of high frequency radio. This signal can be activated and deactivated by the store. The security tag emits this signal at all times, so if a customer tries to leave the store without paying for an item, it sets off an alarm at the exit. Security alarms are doors that customers pass when leaving a store. They are as base metal detectors, however, in most cases, actually do not respond to high amounts of metal.


Safety labels stores are usually placed by the manufacturer inside the plastic boxes CD, DVD and video games. They are ideal for small items that are easy to hide. If a person hides a CD inside his coat, a shop worker will not be able to see this necessarily. However, if the security alarm picks up the signal of the label, the alarm will go off when the person concerned to leave the store without paying for the item or off label. The only way to clear it is to buy the item.


Once a consumer has purchased an item, an in-box device can disable the security label. This device is essentially a high-powered magnet that when the item is moved near the neutralizes the signal output from the security label. This device emits a “beep”, which means that the security label has been disabled. Only this time, the consumer can leave the store without setting off the alarm. In addition, once a label has been disabled, it cannot be reactivated.