How to be safe at home

If you’re afraid to spend the evening sun @ at home, if you’re worried that you enter or steal anything happen while you’re not someone who can help in an emergency, we give you ideas to make you feel safe and @ ax . Can be served only recall, but in any case it is worth considering them.


  • Close and lock all doors. Be sure and check that all the doors of home are closed tightly. Also doors and car parking places if you have available to him.
  • At home, if you’re in your room, do not leave anything to be done in this regard. A simple carelessness can facilitate many problems later.
  • Close all windows. It is important not to leave any entreavierta, even for ventilation. It is widely used by thieves via addition to overnight rain you can haver or falling objects inside the room.
  • Close all lights, minus your room. Even if you think it will let them open do better if given a dangerous situation, the fact that interest you to know or think you’re at a site to avoid greater evils. Neither will help you to have to be aware of what is happening throughout the house, so stay in your room @ ax.
  • Have a phone near you. In an emergency, if you hear noises or notes smell gas, for example, is always good advice to have a phone handy to act quickly. Make sure it is charged.
  • Think of a place where you could hide in case something happened. Under the bed or in the closet may be the only ways. In case you live in a small apartment, turned off the light and try to put yourself in places where you think not “will look first.”
  • Grab an object to defend yourself. The pepper spray is most recommended because if you attack you would have a moment (when the subject is confused by its effect) to run.