Difference between public security and private security

In this article, we will be very clear that both public and private security are essential in a country. They do not contrast, on the contrary, they complement each other. It is very important in these two areas, the preparation of the professional to ensure the safety and protection of citizens.

Public safety and private security: essential

The current society increasingly dynamic, changing and complicated requires more and more new police services and new security solutions, so if there is something clear is that there is demand for everyone.

But if we should be clear about something, public safety and private security are not mutually exclusive, but together they add up.

Private security cannot enter areas of public security, nor is it in areas of private security.

Functions of public security

Personal freedom, free movement, fundamental rights, compliance with standards, are functions that, due to their public nature, must be exercised exclusively by security forces and bodies, although within these there is a distribution of competences and matters, without this supposing a reduction to the principle of reciprocal collaboration between all the police bodies dependent on the different public administrations.

Combining still more, each police body has its own structures to take charge of the different matters that must be addressed, gender and family violence, drug trafficking, environment, etc., since it is necessary more and more of a more specialized training to address the different types of crime that arise.

Private security functions

The private security on the other hand must address other framed needs within the private sector, ie activities that cannot be entrusted to public safety, because pose a need for someone who is entitled to secure their assets, property, businesses etc. with the hiring of private security services, but whose cost cannot be borne by the public administration, which would be the same as for all citizens. Exception to this case would be when the administration is the one that contracts private services for the surveillance of public buildings, in these cases what is intended is not to subtract from the citizen security police officers for functions that private security personnel can exercise with full guarantees.

But when we talk about private security we do not only refer to the security guards, perhaps the most visible face of the sector, but to the escorts, field guards and fishermen, security chiefs, security directors, and all the personnel systems installer. security, operators of alarm receiving stations and also private detectives, so that the range of skills in this sector is sufficiently broad, necessary and that they do not interfere in the areas of public safety, but are necessary partners.

Public and private security

We cannot enter into conflicts that do not lead anywhere, among them security must be exercised only by police agents and not by private security personnel, but we must encourage that both have the means and resources necessary for an effective and professional work, providing quality continuous training.

It is clear that there is demand for all, that competencies are not invaded since all the cases in which private security intervenes are reflected in the regulations and in addition it is subordinated to public security, and that specialization is a determining factor in all security areas.