Cell phones instead of landlines and home security

A home alarm can be the difference between life and death. Safety systems are usually linked by telephone to function. As society most often used cell phones, many people have stopped using the fixed-line service. Homeowners who wish to protect their assets without a home online can consider the security options offered by cell phones.

Telephone Integration

Security systems typically link to the phone line for the security company can call you in case of an emergency. For example, the two-way ADT system controls your phone and call you if the alarm is triggered. Security staff can contact you via the intercom system to confirm that there is an emergency and call the authorities.

Changes in technology

Realizing that many people are ignoring their conventional telephone lines, security companies have created new technologies that meet today’s needs. Some security systems are linked to your system or your broadband Internet link instead of the phone line. Other systems use cellular technology to transmit signals directly to the security company formed through cellular transmission towers. In this way, if only accounts with a cell phone, you can use the services of a security system that alerts the provider in an emergency. Some examples are CellGuard ADT, Protect America’s Cellular Monitoring Solution and LifeShield Security.


If you do not have a landline, systems that work with cellular technology is your only option to alert the security company in an emergency. However, some owners used this new technology lines as a safety backup. While your line is disconnected sets have contacted the company security services through these transmission systems.


Security companies often charge more the security system does not have a landline. For example, when publishing, Security Choice charges $ 35 a month for landline service without two-way system, $ 40 fixed-line and two-way system and $ 45 cell phone services.

Councils procurement

If you think getting a used system or a house with an installed system, you may not have the functionality without landline service. In that case, you may have to upgrade or replace your system. If you are installing a new system, be sure to express your needs before buying the system using cellular technology. You must confirm this before installation. Otherwise, you may incur higher costs if the company installs the wrong team.

Auto Call

Security systems with auto-call service call numbers programmed into your alarm you. The automated calling systems can, so overall, calling cell phones. Many of these systems operate without the company does not want to see if you pay an additional fee without landline. At the time of publication, prices start at $ 30 for this type of system.