What to do if you lose your house keys

We’ve all experienced this situation. Who has not left some keys in the door or who has not ever lost house keys? This simple forgetfulness can make us lose time and, above all, can we conceive enough money and trouble. But we can fix it quickly so if we know how.


Copies:  it is convenient to make several copies of the house keys.

Provide copies:  it is advisable to leave a copy of the keys to a close family member or trusted person.

Insurance:  if these are prone to forgetfulness, no insurance including replacing locks and keys.

Sometimes stress is most useful platitudes. All we ever lost a set of keys, so if the case back is given, we have to relax and retrace his steps.

If we lose the keys…

If we lose the house keys we can use the famous saying “San Cucufato” or our mothers, by the unwritten law that says that a mother always finds everything. Leaving jokes aside, you have to be undone, i.e., retrace his steps. Before calling a locksmith, look and keep looking.

If unaccounted for, the next step is trying to open the door with a credit card or a radiograph. In this sense, we know that if our door is bolted open it will be more complicated. The chances that we end up having a visit from the locksmith are high.

If the keys do not appear finally, we must change the locks as soon as possible to maintain safety in our home.

Avoid such incidents

We all may take to avoid these things and just have to be cautious. For example, we can make several copies of the keys. Leave a copy at home and another at a neighbor with whom we trust a nearby relative, etc… If we left the keys inside the house, so we just have to call them to pay us back.

In any case, so that such incidents do not pose a major problem to us, we have the possibility of hiring home insurance including replacing locks and keys. Given this type of situation, the option you fewer headaches this would bring us.

What is the role of CCTV cameras?

CCTV is the abbreviation for circuit CCTV. In the United States, this system is mainly used for surveillance cameras of businesses. In Europe, the CCTV is incorporated into the police in the central areas of cities in some countries linked by cameras.

What is CCTV?

In essence, is a CCTV video system designed to be viewed only by individual users; the image is not transmitted, but engraved or view a specific monitor. Originally, the CCTV was designed for use in banks and casinos. The signal recorded by the camera is transmitted as coded into a receiver which decodes it. The CCTV relates to a method of transmitting television signals, but the term is most commonly used to refer to surveillance cameras.

Main Function

As mentioned, the CCTV is most commonly used for surveillance. Most important institutions, such as banks or schools have CCTV networks to reduce the need for human security. Prisons use CCTV to monitor the behavior from a central location in addition to regular patrols. Video shot with CCTV can be recorded and reviewed later.

Other Uses

The CCTV has practical applications beyond surveillance and CCTV networks do not necessarily have security cameras. Any type of video technology the site uses CCTV, such as a video conference that is only accessible to a select audience.

What is the function of a CCTV?

The circuit CCTV is a very useful tool for those trades or businesses that have security-compromised or have her create-in your building. When this is so, no company can develop fully as their owners are constantly alert to any irregularities of any kind. This circuit will allow them to relax to the extent that they can simultaneously control all areas of your property and avoid greater evils.


  1. If you think your business may be being threatened, either by external as well as internal factors, then a camera system is essential to your home. It will be an investment as you will demand a sum of money to install, but you will gain in your peace and your company gains long term.
  2. You should contact a provider of such services, which surely is on your country, and ask a team of technicians to visit your home to calculate a budget and determine strategic locations for filming devices will be placed. You need to determine if you want to conceal as much as possible or if instead you want to remain visible. But remember to be filmed warn of the presence of the cameras, as it is illegal to film someone without being notified.
  3. In addition, you must determine if you are just shooting or if you also want to record the footage. Will generate an extra expense, but remember that it can be very useful against a finding of an irregularity, as element of irrefutable evidence. If so, you should ask the team to put in addition to cameras and monitors, a burner on your circuit. You can be sure that this way everything will start to work better.

What happens after a burglary?

Man comes home – and is in chaos. Books on the floor, cupboards ransacked scattered laundry. The money is gone just like the camera and the images from the wedding of the daughter last weekend. Mobile phone and laptop are gone – and the jewelry: silver chain to the birth of the son, the golden bracelet with the scratch, grandpa’s pocket watch, oh and even the small shell necklace, the gift of the holiday.

Shock, sadness, powerlessness, insecurity – a wave of emotion rolled over burglary victim often, they are all ready.

But now we must act: the police. Call, notify the insurance

Just do not change anything for the track search – must remain the underwear really are?

The police on the scene

This is followed by interviews with the police and the crime scene by recording the crime scene. The low evidence of forced entry at the terrace door show that the burglars could pry the unsecured door in a few seconds.

Some got away, usually not too large of material value, but rather of emotional meaning. Officials try to console, but rediscover the prospect of the stolen items is low.

Clean up and thinking

Finally you can clean up – or better to throw away? Do I want the things that has touched the burglar really tighten again? For an even more intimate insight could not get the culprit.

Thoughts going round in circles: whether the burglar comes back again? Why was he even here? Should we move?

The insurer assesses the damage

Then comes the claims adjuster of the insurer. What exactly got away and how much was the value? What damage to the house, the burglars caused? What is the sum insured? Specter of underinsurance?

Insurance documents will be examined. Is there a valuable asset list or somewhere even purchase receipts?

Although police officers and loss adjusters try proceeding cautiously, the time after a break for burglary victims often the pure stress.

The craftsman repairing the damage

Finally, a craftsman, the damage to the insurer in accordance with the specifications comes patio door repaired. Not infrequently, the craftsman uses the opportunity to burglary victims to burglary protection to address – but beware: not every company knows the police recommendations and advises and mounted after them.

If you look for safety technology decides, one should use a LKA-recognized specialist work together.

Advice from the police consultant

The police had contact with the crime scene recording of police information center left there. Now you could call once. The police consultant comes when desired, for burglary victims home – in mufti, quite unremarkable.

At rest, you can discuss with the police technical consultant which vulnerabilities are available at home or apartment, which measures intrusion protection are useful and how to get through correct behavior can protect against break-ins.

The police advisors as partners in the network “home safe” point in following the advice of the specialist craftsmen of the local community protection of the network. The farms are LKA-recognized (or are possibly just in the admission process) and meet regularly with the police technical consultant on current offenders working practices and effective burglary protection from.

You are able to the  recommendations  of the  police  properly implement and can provide their customers craft to for transferring the  prevention plaque  accompany the network.

And have overcome fear

With the assurance of one’s own four walls begins for many burglary victims of the way back to normality.

Anxiety, sensitivity to noise and sleep disturbance are some of the psychological consequences of a collapse. Many a burglary victim, when it comes home very carefully unlocks and then as the first all rooms checked, see if anyone is there – children who have nightmares – grown men who the “My-Home-is-my-Castle have lost “feeling and are in their own homes on their guard.

With a certified safety technology – Security systems in accordance with the recommendations of the police – many burglary victims feel safe again.

The risk to have to relive the entire horrible experience “slump” is minimized.

Burglary protection: preventive action!

For all those, who by an intruder were spared, it can only be prompt, now preemptively make provisions and are tested burglary protection to care. So that it does not for burglary comes and his often drastically underestimated consequences.

What are the safety measures in your home?

If after watching the news you glad to be inside your house because you are safer than outside, you say that we become confident and sometimes we do not take appropriate action. We even forget to close the front door, has ever happened to you?

On the other hand, will not do much to have bars on your windows, alarm, sensor lamps that light alone,etc…If we make huge oversights in other respects. Check this out:

  1. Always answer phone calls. If you think your home is not only because the phone stops ringing and no one answers, an opportunist thief will find a way to enter your home. You better make clear that the house is occupied at the time.
  2. Always answers the doorbell Do it safely trying to see the person without opening the door. If you have window or door viewer to see the outside, it is valid that you contact the person on the outside even with the door closed.
  3. When you have to hire a worker for home repairs, make sure I have contacted the recommendation or serious property. Often you find workers who are laid down in the street or passing from house to house;are difficult to be sure how reliable they are. If you have no choice and you need to enter your house workers who do not know, try to be with or have a phone conversation with a colleague.
  4. Might be the case that someone asks to use the phone because an emergency arose. Do not miss this person to your house; if necessary, offer to make the call yourself.
  5. A child must be educated from an early age to not open the door immediately called someone. They must learn to be cautious.
  6. Avoid strangers provide personal data provided to carry out a criminal act (by mail, phone, etc.). The more personal information you have someone, have more control of the situation.
  7. Ten at hand and by the phone, a list of emergency phone numbers.
  8. Upon arriving home too late and they shall bear the keys of the house and in hand preference and the area is well lit.
  9. 9 If you arrive home and suspect an intruder in it,do not come! Seek help immediately.
  10. Sets an escape route in your house if you ever need an alternative exit.
  11. If ever you are inside your home and need desperate help, it is best to scream! “Fire”. Thus, there will be a faster reaction of the neighbors. If you cannot get attention, throws things out the window.
  12. Communication with neighbors not underestimate the advantage that the bonding between neighbors. Establish a code to indicate if they have problems at home.

Really these are very simple steps and habits that are easy to adopt. It is important that you review well how to react to a dangerous situation; if you have in mind the solution to a situation, the easier you can react automatically.

Useful tips to protect your home against fire

Fire is one of the biggest threats to your family and your home. Besides being needed to be alerted quickly so is the rapid response to such alarms. Fire can obliterate everything within minutes. You can be burning undetected for hours and suddenly explode. You should take every precaution to minimize the risk. Below is a list of tips to keep your family safe and your home.

Tips to prevent fires

  • If you buy, build or renew your home, make sure that all materials are fire resistant
  • Clean gutters regularly of leaves. The dried leaves burn easily.
  • Cut tree branches that are near your fireplace. Do the same with dried branches near your home to prevent a possible fire.
  • If you have a fireplace at home should never leave home or go to sleep without Habela off. Put a spark in your fireplace saves to prevent sparks or rolling a log by accident.
  • Store firewood and other combustibles away from home.
  • Check the wiring and keep it in good condition to prevent short circuits.
  • Do not let your kids play with lighters, matches, firecrackers, etc..
  • If you smell gas do not turn on the light, and will prevent a spark to start a fire.

Types of security bars for windows

Safety devices for windows prevent intruders from breaking into homes and businesses. The bars visually deter thieves. Any house with bars on the windows will be harder to break and criminals seek a safe house instead. The bars on the window are usually made ​​of steel or aluminum, although more heavy bars of iron forged are available. Some guards have additional features such as alarm activation or removable parts.

Decorative security grilles

Decorative fencing, also called grids are used to both households and businesses. Have a design like section or diamond-shaped, placed at the center of the bars. This type of window guard may also resemble a lattice pattern of colonial or window and appear indistinguishable from the design of the window itself. The stores use grids to cover their front windows and prevent theft by “broken glass “. The louvres are made ​​of various materials. Many older buildings have forged railings iron in both windows and doors. Business owners can choose buildings and modern solid steel bars. Decorative grilles are available in horizontal and vertical designs. These can be permanent or removable.

Removable Safety Grills

Fast release or expandable security bars are rotated outward to allow the homeowner emergency escape. You can remove and replace quickly provided the angle bracket remains in the window frame. Expandable security bars can be adjusted to fit any window size. Steel tubes bars slips into another tube to expand and adapt to any window length. Quick release bars protect the basement door window, front windows and the windows in any room of a house or apartment.

Security Grills bandit

A security fence bandit fits safely through a window either vertically or horizontally. Made of alloy aluminum, the grille is commonly used in basement windows. This protects a sliding window either closed or open. The owner can open and close the window from the inside when the gate is. If an attacker manipulates a magnetic strip on the grille security fire alarm owner. The gate is spring loaded and can be removed for cleaning.

Folding Security Grills window

The folding security gates are easy to install and can be folded and stored when not in use. The owners can be mounted with the brackets and screws in a few steps. Steel bars come in brown, white or black to match the color of the building. Prevent intruders breaking glass, but not obstruct the view of the residents to the outside.

Grids with alarm

Hinges Alloy aluminum window guards alarm trigger give owners extra protection against intruders. Unlike the bandit gate, a single bar placed across a window, Window guards seem alarmed regular security bars. When you remove an active magnetic device security alarm. These bars work with both wired and wireless systems alarms. The homeowner or business must have an alarm system installed in your building for these bars work. The grilles are removable from the inside for cleaning or emergency escape.

Types of fences to close the garden

Already have ready the rest of your home, but you lack one important thing, the type of fence with which to make the closing of your garden. Do you know which to choose?


Gardens:  the best fences are often the wood, such as classical or Ecotraviesa fence, but you can also install metal.

Chalets: one of the most widely used fencing for private residences are long metal fences or classic.

Vines: ideal for installing wire fences.

The fence that you choose to close your garden will depend largely on the type of decor and style that you are following the rest of your house: If you want to be high, that is low, metal or wood, or simply customize with color choose you. These are questions that you will have to do to decide the most appropriate.

Wooden fences and aluminum

They are the classic fences and more are used in residential areas. This type of fencing there are a lot of varieties. They are ideal if you want one they close a garden indoors or if you know the area in which you live are safe. We give some examples:

  • Classic Fence: are ideal if you want to get a rustic and natural setting. Are often used to close gardens, parks, different areas…
  • Fence Ecotraviesa: is a wooden fence that keeps the garden enclosure isolates the body, providing greater privacy. They are perfect for homes or holiday homes in town. Allow privacy but too rustic.
  • Wooden poles: as in the case of ecotraviesas allow you to create intimacy. But also allows for a more natural and rustic than in the previous case style. They are ideal for houses in the countryside. Therefore used in agriculture, trellises, etc…
  • 130 linear Fences: are common in homes, fences and gates are fencing with horizontal lines. They usually go with a stone or brick fence.
  • Fences classic: are common in residential areas, those that you see in American films. Are exclusive to houses and cottages and can go on the floor or a stone wall. They can be painted in different colors.

Other fences are widely used metal. The best known are:

  • Long metal fences: fences though such are sometimes used to close gardens, are commonly used to farm enclosure, as they prevent outsiders from accessing them.
  • Glass and steel fence: while the poles are stainless steel, the coating is 8 mm tempered glass. They are very aesthetic, but dangerous if you have small children.
  • Hercules Panelis those which can be found in public enclosures. ‘re rigid panel fences and poles with pointed end.

Other types of fences

  • Wire Mesh Fence:  these fences are manufactured with crosslinkedwires. Usually they come with some vines or some type of plants to create more privacy. They are ideal for separating between neighboring gardens.
  • Stone Fence: walls and are usually mixed with wood or metal fences for safety.

Types of electronic surveillance cameras

Video surveillance can be used in organizations responsible for security and law enforcement for a number of activities. Depending on the purpose, different types of electronic surveillance cameras are used. Visibly positioned cameras can be used to discourage crime. Police use small “spy cameras” for undercover investigations. Other surveillance cameras are designed to operate in difficult conditions, such as low light, or for special purposes, such as long distance images.

Closed circuit television (CCTV)

You’ve probably seen CCTV systems within banks, office buildings or military installations circuit. Police also used at busy intersections in some urban areas. A closed-circuit camera monitors an area of ​​suspicious activity, such as theft. Many organizations use a group of closed-circuit cameras that feed TV on a bank of video monitors for a security guard to watch different parts of a building, instead of patrolling on foot. In general, the cameras CCTV placed in visible locations to deter criminal activity.

Spy Cameras

Surveillance technology has reduced the video surveillance devices at incredibly small dimensions. Spy cameras can be hidden in pens, smoke detectors and other items of daily use. Video data transmitted wirelessly, so no cables are required to receive a signal. In addition to allowing remote monitoring by individuals, spy cameras can be useful for police working undercover. Some spy cameras have audio capabilities for test recording. Unlike CCTV cameras, the aim of a spy camera is to conduct covert surveillance. Use them when you want to find out what happens when people do not think they are being observed.


The cameras generally work best in bright places, but enforcement depends on the conditions on the ground. For example, a covert military operation will not be able to conduct effective surveillance at night with a conventional video camera. Artificial lighting ruin the operation. Fortunately, infrared surveillance cameras recorded outside the visible color spectrum, allowing law enforcement and security details meet to monitor a sleeping area without detection.

Fake camera surveillance

Some surveillance cameras are monitored live. Others simply record footage of an area if something illegal happens. Still others may not even be operating. However, a potential thief or thieves armed rarely know this information. The mere presence of a video camera is designed to deter crime. Video cameras fake surveillance often have flashing lights and automated movements to look convincing. For small business owners with little money to spend on expensive systems CCTV, these cameras can be the best option.

Types of CCTV cameras

The cameras used in CCTV systems or systems closed circuit television circuit, are available in a variety of styles and options. The right camera for your surveillance system depends on your individual needs, as each option differs in its advantages and disadvantages in terms of positioning, monitoring and control. What works to deter criminal activity of a small business owner cannot function as a simple monitoring method for a homeowner.

Fixed or mobile mounting approach

Depending on the size and location of the area in need of supervision, have the option of having a fixed mount or pan- tilt- zoom or PTZ (mobile cameras with zoom). A fixed mount camera works well for systems that do not require direct control by an operator and function to “install and forget “about the surveillance. A PTZ camera allows the operator to manipulate the camera to further examine a different section of the area for the control of the camera moving through the scene, changing the tilt angle or approach about a suspicious person or object.

A color or black and white

Lighting conditions determine what color scheme works best camera for your surveillance needs. The black and white cameras offer sharper images in low light areas, while color cameras work best in bright and well lit. Monitoring color also allows for easy detection of suspicious objects and people, especially if the system depends on regular monitoring by an operator. The day / night cameras allow the best of both worlds because they provide color images during the day, but change the recording in black and white at night.

Indoor and outdoor

Since the basic purpose is to act as tools of surveillance cameras are available in a variety of indoor and outdoor air. Interior options include a faint, and often more aesthetic design discreetly mixed with decoration. The outdoor cameras require more protection from the elements. The humidity, lightning and rain pose a risk of equipment damage if not protected or sealed.

Camera Design

Cameras CCTV are available in three basic designs: dome cameras, hidden cameras wall. Dome cameras are called so because they hide behind a dark Plexiglas dome, PTZ cameras often use that move and rotate to monitor a large area. Cameras mounted on walls permanently vary slightly in shape and options but generally consist of a rectangular box with a lens attached to the front. Designed for covert surveillance, cameras avoid detection being small and discreet.

Types of Lenses

The interchangeable lenses allow greater focus additional display area controlled by the camera. Some lenses only allow a single focal length, which means that monitor an entire area without the ability to focus on any specific point. The varifocal lens allows manual focus adjustment, while an operator controls a motorized lens approach.