Safety tips at home for the holidays

Summer, holiday season par excellence … and times of highest number of robberies and assaults to homes. Always worth remembering at this time some basic security measures for these weeks of absence:

  • It is a temptation to publicize how well we had on vacation, but it is best not provide information through social networks. Only people in your utmost confidence should know that will not be found these days at home.
  • The completely closed blinds are continuously clear indication of absence from home. Leave them slightly ajar. Note that unless they were ironclad self – locking would not be a problem for the offender. Much better if someone you trust can come to your home to move them and give a sense of roominess (or remember to move them remotely if you have domotizado system).
  • The full mailbox is another clue to the offender. If you get enough daily correspondence, and depending on the number of days you plan to be out, it would be someone you trust pass to collect the mail from the mailbox.
  • Divert your landline to mobile and disconnect the answering machine if available. If you have installation automation, drive in remote lights and sounds. Otherwise, leave connected a lamp and / or television set, radio / music to a timer plug, allowing you to appear simple and inexpensive way the existence of inhabitants in housing.
  • The windows should be closed tightly and the door (which should be armored) locked (to avoid simple openings with cards or plastic), and leave no key under the doormat, mailbox, in the pot entry … are the first places looking for a criminal. Bulbs / mechanical cylinder locks are no longer safe by simple techniques such as bumping, so your door should have electronic locks security (autonomous electronic bowler hat invisible bolt, etc. (So you avoid the assault done in seconds, without noise and without any signs of forced, which also would be a further problem with the insurance company, which dementia the case). If not your case, is no longer time to them for these dates (his custom fabrication takes about a month, which apúntatelo for the turn and do not leave it for the next vacation.) the electronic peepholes are able to record images of people who come through your door or handled during his absence.
  • If you have alarm, do not forget to leave it connected (if not, it would be another reason for the insurance company reneges), but must be aware that these devices do not prevent theft (either because they are violated, either because the offender nor amount is detected because know that the police response time to have time allows). The fogger’s security are novel, deterrents and do allow repel theft (even arrest the offender) and are a very interesting measure.
  • Not completely disconnect power. A doorbell sound betrays absence, and new electricity meters with its red light, too.

Remember that perfect security does not exist, but do not put easy the offender. The holiday break does not become a nightmare back home.

Ruling against cameras in schools

The installation of security cameras in schools portends was partially suspended for Justice, considering that the measure “violates the right to privacy of children and adolescents” that converge there. A judge adopted the decision in response to the presentation of the Union of Education Workers and the Observatory of Human Rights, in support of the parents of four girls attending two establishments of the city.

The suspension applies, for the moment, for those two schools, but both the teachers’ union and the ODH called for families who want to join the lawsuit to submit their accession. “Of the 17 secondary schools that are planning to install cameras, in 12 there were shots by students last year, indicating that the measure is intended as a tool of control,”.

By that time, it was already awarded the bid to launch a private security service for 330 dependent on government buildings of the city, including 92 relating to kindergartens and primary and secondary schools. The service includes the presence of security personnel and installing alarms and security cameras on each target.

In addition to schools and hospitals, the tender includes three former clandestine detention centers. The background did not provide reassurance to school communities involved: the government had signed an agreement with news channels for ceding recorded by cameras installed in public images.

However, the document warns that “unsigned” was made after the conclusion award contracts between the Ministry of Security and companies, which would not be covered by them. In that protocol, it clarifies that the cameras will be installed “on the perimeter” of schools, i.e. outside buildings, and work “outside school hours”.

However, for the judge there are contradictions in the text which suggest that the cameras would be installed within schools. For now, reveals the judge in his opinion, it is not observed in the tender documents “any specification regarding the place where the devices filming will be installed” and, times, only states that the service be paid “24 hours every day, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays”.

Based on these elements, concludes that “the means chosen” to provide the security service “appears easily disproportionate to the aim pursued (custody of goods and people), and that have not set any limit to the operation of imaging devices, an unreasonable infringement of the right of privacy is generated “. When to grant the request, the judge believes that schools will not be unprotected, as the tender includes the presence of security personnel and installing alarms.

Properly design an alarm system to prevent false alarms

When designing an alarm system one of the factors we have to avoid at all costs are the false breaks alarms because of a bad approach to installation, it is a good recommendation to make the design with all users of the system and know their daily habits and use that hope to make it.

False breaks alarms in a vast majority of cases almost 85% of the time are because of misuse of users, either due to failure of connection or disconnection, and either by carelessness or treasuries problems. 10% are due to environmental, climatic or unknown causes and 5% or less attributable to the equipment problems.

Setting an example to make it look clearer, if we have to protect a stay of 20 square meters, some security companies installed 2 detectors covering 10 square meters, with the corresponding extra expense for the user, instead of placing a sensor covering 20 square meters. Outside apart from a cost savings for the user a 50% reduction in the probability of that because the user with occur is achieved false alarm jump.

A team of security not stop cause false breaks alarms will get the user discontent with it, you will get not to use or activate it in most of the time and of course will get not recommend the system to acquaintances.

Central Power master proof false alarms

If the team jumps have to verify that the alarm is real jump in order to send the appropriate police, ambulance or fire notification. It is essential to have the system more effective verification that exists in the market today to avoid false breaks alarms, the most complete system available is currently the video verification, this method avoids completely false breaks alarms, and thus police actions are fully justified to avoid possible fines for misuse of our alarm system.

In short, a good security design is one that dimensioned correctly the number of elements that are necessary to provide security for the facility, which features the use and customs of the people who will use it and avoided possible false alarms breaks.

Job Description security guard

The basics

Label safety of shop is a small device plastic that emits a signal of high frequency radio. This signal can be activated and deactivated by the store. The security tag emits this signal at all times, so if a customer tries to leave the store without paying for an item, it sets off an alarm at the exit. Security alarms are doors that customers pass when leaving a store. They are as base metal detectors, however, in most cases, actually do not respond to high amounts of metal.


Safety labels stores are usually placed by the manufacturer inside the plastic boxes CD, DVD and video games. They are ideal for small items that are easy to hide. If a person hides a CD inside his coat, a shop worker will not be able to see this necessarily. However, if the security alarm picks up the signal of the label, the alarm will go off when the person concerned to leave the store without paying for the item or off label. The only way to clear it is to buy the item.


Once a consumer has purchased an item, an in-box device can disable the security label. This device is essentially a high-powered magnet that when the item is moved near the neutralizes the signal output from the security label. This device emits a “beep”, which means that the security label has been disabled. Only this time, the consumer can leave the store without setting off the alarm. In addition, once a label has been disabled, it cannot be reactivated.

Cell phones instead of landlines and home security

A home alarm can be the difference between life and death. Safety systems are usually linked by telephone to function. As society most often used cell phones, many people have stopped using the fixed-line service. Homeowners who wish to protect their assets without a home online can consider the security options offered by cell phones.

Telephone Integration

Security systems typically link to the phone line for the security company can call you in case of an emergency. For example, the two-way ADT system controls your phone and call you if the alarm is triggered. Security staff can contact you via the intercom system to confirm that there is an emergency and call the authorities.

Changes in technology

Realizing that many people are ignoring their conventional telephone lines, security companies have created new technologies that meet today’s needs. Some security systems are linked to your system or your broadband Internet link instead of the phone line. Other systems use cellular technology to transmit signals directly to the security company formed through cellular transmission towers. In this way, if only accounts with a cell phone, you can use the services of a security system that alerts the provider in an emergency. Some examples are CellGuard ADT, Protect America’s Cellular Monitoring Solution and LifeShield Security.


If you do not have a landline, systems that work with cellular technology is your only option to alert the security company in an emergency. However, some owners used this new technology lines as a safety backup. While your line is disconnected sets have contacted the company security services through these transmission systems.


Security companies often charge more the security system does not have a landline. For example, when publishing, Security Choice charges $ 35 a month for landline service without two-way system, $ 40 fixed-line and two-way system and $ 45 cell phone services.

Councils procurement

If you think getting a used system or a house with an installed system, you may not have the functionality without landline service. In that case, you may have to upgrade or replace your system. If you are installing a new system, be sure to express your needs before buying the system using cellular technology. You must confirm this before installation. Otherwise, you may incur higher costs if the company installs the wrong team.

Auto Call

Security systems with auto-call service call numbers programmed into your alarm you. The automated calling systems can, so overall, calling cell phones. Many of these systems operate without the company does not want to see if you pay an additional fee without landline. At the time of publication, prices start at $ 30 for this type of system.

Windows are the main point of attack in burglaries

Windows are the main point of attack in burglaries. They are undermined in seconds with a screwdriver. With mechanical improvements can be a good standard to be achieved. Security windows are available in two resistance classes.

The resistance classes

  • Resistance class 1 (WW1):

These windows offer a basic protection against physical violence, such as the as kicking, heaving etc.

  • Resistance class 2 (WK2):

These windows also hold against attacks with screwdrivers, pliers or wedges stood.

The advantages of the Security window

  • Security seal parts made ​​of hardened steel in the corner regions: protects against prying out of the closed or tilted window.
  • Strong, burglar-proof laminated glass with safety film: they make it more difficult by its special structure, the breakdown of the disc.
  • Push button handles prevent hardware manipulation.
  • Drilling … prevents drilling from the outside.

The glass

The weakest point of the window is usually the glass. A laminated safety glass protects not only against burglars but also from injury in case of breakage. The laminated safety glass composed of two single lenses which are connected by very tough, durable films. If the disc is damaged, the splinters remain on the slide stick. According to the classification in the safety classes safety glass is classified as projectile- proof glass.

Window bars, security at home

Do you live in a house or on a lower floor? Are you always thinking they can get you home by windows?


Insecurity in a house or apartment under:  not simply set an alarm, better placed bars on the windows.

What bars put: Be guided by a professional. The most common are steel. Also think about decorating your home to follow the same aesthetic. The safest are fixed.

Children: bars will also help you avoid accidents if you have small children at home.

There is a practical solution that will give you greater security at home: put bars on the windows to protect your home.

Insecurity at home

Quite a few people who have a house or a ground floor living uneasy listening for every sound, believing that someone may have entered through the windows. One option is to put a bell but still not be achieved safely. Another solution to help strengthen security and be quiet at home is put bars on all windows.

Although some people may not want them, because the bars do not provide much aesthetic home. That’s true, but fortunately the market today have several options for you to choose some models that have been improving and offer a new design and look great. So you can select the model grids that allow you to follow the aesthetic decor of the rest of your house, for example in combination with window frames. Another decorative element to keep in mind is the color that will have.

The home security more than an option, it is a necessity. Furthermore, not only can choose to put bars on the windows when you live in low flats or houses, but is helpful when children who are beginning to walk and can be very dangerous if you do not have some kind of protection windows or stairs. Therefore, it is not for aesthetics, but for safety and security.

Similarly, there are both fixed and removable grilles. For added security it is recommended to opt for the former.

How to put bars on the windows

Obviously, to place the bars on the windows will have to delegate to any professional engaged in this, since it can be a difficult task. Also you might be so complicated that it proves not get as the end result you expected.

The bars of the windows can be of different materials such as aluminum, iron or steel, the latter being the most common. These will be installed in windows precise as long as the community does not prevent it if you live in a block of neighbors. Before deciding on one option, question, get advice, look in several places and asked prices. Obviously always prevail the quality and confidence with the professional.

Why to install an electric lock

Today we speak about the benefits of installing electric locks to protect your home.


Features:  power door locks have a personal identifier and can schedule them according to schedules.

Codes can bring a fingerprint panel, a keypad or be magnetic keys.

Benefits:  safety grievances prevent the entry of unauthorized persons into an area; prevent children from opening the door, etc…

A lockout system  not only provides greater security to the house, but we can serve for any space you want to protect , be it an office, establishment or any other area in which we want to preclude access by personnel not allowed.

Operation of electric locks

The power locks are able to identify the inputs and outputs of the users as well as schedule permits and restrictions for certain people and also schedules. We suggest that, when establishing security codes you may have one for entering and one for leaving, and you shall grow home protection.

When we close the door automatically performs a mechanical lock very safe and resistant against grievances. The model allows the full closing lock of the door by a programming system. To install an electric lock need a power generator.

We can also find other cheaper electric locks because they need only batteries. These work by sheets and electronic backing plates.

Benefits of installing a lockout

By identifying output and user input, power locks feature a panel of fingerprinting or keypad where you can enter our secret code. These codes can be changed periodically to avoid decoding.  Other power locks work by readers, which are like magnetic keys inside carrying an identification chip.

One of the great benefits of this type of closure is that we can program the door lock so that the children cannot leave the home in an oversight. This also helps us when we go to bed or go out on vacation, our door will be completely sealed and safe for any attempted robbery. However, while we protect our house this way, it is always best to hire some type of home insurance that covers theft and shoplifting.

Where to place the sensors in a home alarm

Feeling safe at home is essential to enjoy our home. It is increasingly common to place alarms in our homes, but do not always know what the best way to do it. So today we want you to know where to place the sensors in a home alarm.


Input:  the gateway is the key point to place a sensor, if it has integrated much better camera.

Picture: place image sensors that record the “hot spots” in the home will allow us to recognize the intruder.

Housing:  depending on the type of housing, whether it is a flat, a chalet or a house with two floors, we have to place the sensors at different locations.

When we place an alarm in our home, one of the most important things we have to decide is the place to post the sensors of the alarm. Whenever doubts arise where we need them and what is the best location for them, so our house is completely protected and truly serve our alarm for something.

Essential to the sensor in the door

Obviously, depending on the type of home we have, we have to place the sensors of one or another way. Not the same place these alarm sensors on a floor in a house plants or in a house. The bigger the house, the more possible points of entry will, although there are always some points that are key.

The gateway is a place that should always be a sensor alarm, because in most cases, the attacks are caused by this part of the house.

Sensors with integrated camera to record in.

Furthermore, if the alarm sensor has the ability to place the imagerecording, much better. Thus, we recorded the image of the person who has entered our house.

The living room is one of the places where there should be a sensor alarm, because in it, the thieves are some of the most desired as televisions, stereos, laptops, etc. Similarly, if the alarm sensor has built-in camera will be a great advantage.

The other sensors have to place them in other possible points of entry and common walkways, as thieves will move from room to room looking for his loot, which will make raising the alarm.

What to do in case of theft

  • Immediately call the police and give them the exact address of the property and a telephone contact.
  • Seek medical assistance if required (061 or 112).
  • Do not touch anything that could be used to obtain the trail of footprints or other clues to the authors.
  • Do not let anyone in the place where the theft occurred (residential, commercial).
  • Keep the telephone line until the police arrive.
  • Try to act calmly and wisely in situations of risk or intimidation. Do not attempt heroics. Remember that the safety of people is paramount.
  • Notice the physical characteristics of the thieves and details that may help the police to identify them: clothing, direction of flight, vehicle registration, etc…