Security guard job interview questions

Being a security guard requires skill, honesty and the ability to stay calm under pressure. Security guards often represent the first line of defense in robbery attempts and are the first to respond to medical emergencies. They should be able to recognize the situation they are called to deal with and quickly assess the next step that should be taken. It can be an underestimated job, but the companies, buildings and residences that employ them take them seriously because they understand how important their work is.

Experience from the past

Many companies of security guards hire former police officers and former members of the armed forces. For that reason, many questions from the security guard interview will focus on the experience of potential employees. For example, “could you tell us about any work in the past that could help you with this type of employment?” Or for security guards who have an important role, “what kind of work experience of the past do you have to do?” Can it be related to the type of important work you will be doing with us? ” Applicants should be ready and willing to discuss any previous work or training that can show the prospective employer their experience that may be useful when working as a security.

Honesty and trust

Security guards often have a lot of access to the places where they work. For this reason, security guards companies must ensure that they hire honest and trustworthy employees. Interview questions for this kind of work with respect to honesty can range from “have you lied to an employer?” To “if you realize that a security worker was having access to information that you should not, but that in your opinion it was not vital or important information, how would you proceed? ” The questions that ask a future employee to make a decision are used a lot because they force the applicant to listen, analyze and then respond.

Solution and prevention

Security guards can deal with possible problems at work by taking measures to prevent problems from even occurring. That is why other types of questions in security guard interviews focus on solutions and preventions. An example might be, “college dormitories are known to be out of control late at night and during weekends, what steps would you take to help have more control over the situation?” There are also questions that involve the search for more control over the situation. There may be questions that involve finding a solution in time of chaos, for example “You have been called to a medical emergency on the seventh floor, but there are 5 guests waiting to be registered.

Security tips for your children’s mobile

The children and the mobile phone has become one of the current concerns of parents due to the increasing development of new technologies. It is no longer strange to find televisions, mobile phones, tablets, video game consoles and computers in the children’s room. They are the generation of new technologies.

But before providing a smartphone to our children, it is important to point out some points to consider: degree of maturity and responsibility of the adolescent, risks of using the mobile phone: bullying, sexting, astronomical accounts for excessive spending, etc.

Give clear rules

An important guideline is to limit the time of connection and use. In addition, smartphones allow the download of all kinds of applications, therefore, it is important that only applications can be downloaded with the permission of the parents.

Limit hours of use

By limiting the hours of use we will prevent them from straining the view and that their hours of study will be affected by excessive use of the mobile, guaranteeing concentration during them.

Also the time of the meals should be a moment in family and free of messages, calls or consultations on Facebook. It is important for parents to set an example, so that no member of the family uses it during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Help them manage their relationships

It is important to manage the mobile of our children. Of course it is important that the right to privacy be respected, to speak with whomever they want without being heard, but they must accept that there are things that will be managed by the parents. This will prevent access to inappropriate content, threats to the privacy of the child, etc.

Safe use of the smartphone

It is important that parents know how to make safe use of these devices, be aware of the latest updates, security and control options that we can apply, parental control tools, blocking and above all, monitor the use of the smartphone.

Encourage them to protect the mobile

In this way we will prevent it from being used by third parties without their consent. In addition, we ensure that the device is lost or stolen, that it remains inaccessible through any of the blocking functions that exist today.

Today we can choose in most phones a very comfortable, fingerprint. But if you do not have that sensor, at least a screen lock of the dot pattern or password type must be configured.


Keeping the location or GPS function active is recommended for several reasons. When the device is lost or stolen, it will only be possible to know its position if it has this active function. Being a minor, it will be advisable that you agree to be able to be located by the parents.

There are tools to share the location, such as the possibility of doing it through Google Maps in real time or on demand. Without the active location feature, the phone will not share your position.

However, the child should know that there are other applications that can share their location, such as Facebook or other social networks and should be careful not to do so publicly.

Parental control

Although the best tool is education, so that they learn to distinguish danger signals and situations of risk by themselves, during certain early ages it may be useful to limit and even monitor what children do with their devices connected to them. Internet for your safety.

The use of tools of this type is at the discretion of each parent and must assess when they exceed the security barrier to enter an area of ​​privacy and privacy of children.

Another option is to purchase a mobile without a data rate until we consider that our child is old enough and mature enough to have a smartphone.

Security cameras for home

Here are different types of security cameras for home use. In fact, almost all security cameras can be used for residential purposes, although there are cameras that are best suited for home use than others. Technology security camera has advanced so much recently that cameras versatile security for home use is almost unlimited. Each house is different, the number of rooms in the house, the area of the perimeter surrounding the house and the size of courtyard houses, entrances and exits, number of windows, especially those on the ground floor all varies from house to house. As each box design is different, so are the uses and needs of security cameras for home.

The most effective way to determine the security cameras for home use method are best for you is to evaluate the design your home and your wishes and security needs. After determining what you need and provide the level of security and control you want, it is easier to start the procurement process for specific cameras can meet these requirements. However, as mentioned above, there are security cameras for home use that are more suitable for this application than others. For an obvious example, a camera or explosion – proof housing would spend the ridiculous and unnecessary for home use.

However, security cameras King offers many different security cameras inside that are perfect for home use. One way to reduce camera options is to determine whether you will be able to run the cable video transmission each camera to the processor / DVR or digital video recorder, or if you prefer a wireless camera in place. Wiring is the least expensive and most common way to connect the digital camera to the DVR. However, if you install the RG59 coaxial cable would be worrying for you, or if the cable seems unpleasant, or for any other reason, the cable it would not be right for you, wireless cameras would be the right choice.

Wireless cameras still require power supply, usually in the form of a small cable to the execution chamber of a plug-in transformer or power distribution. There are some wireless cameras that use rechargeable batteries also. Wireless cameras make use of radio technology for transmitting video data corresponding to a receiver which then transfers the signal to the DVR. Therefore, a receiver is also necessary if the option is chosen wireless camera. Most receivers can handle up to four cameras simultaneously, so if your system requires more than four cameras additional receiver (or a receiver that can handle more than four cameras) will require.

Regardless of whether you are using the cable or wireless technology, there are several different security cameras for home use based on appearance, design, assembly and function. There are basically three types of cameras based on appearance. They box, bullet type and dome, with each representing a description of the appearance of the camera. Each type has its own advantages and shortcomings. The camera case is probably the most common style video, but can also be a little intrusive mounted on a wall of the room.

The type of projectile is also popular, but these cameras usually lends itself to the climate and infrared technology oriented outward. So, if the types of boxes and bullets are not appropriate for the application, then the dome camera would probably be the best option. Cameras CCTV dome are very low profile, with many available as built-in. Flush mounted dome is installed on the wall or ceiling with only the top bubble extends from the surface. Security Camera King offers different types of dome cameras for indoor use and based on the resolution of the screen. That includes in total darkness capable of night vision IR dome cameras as well.

Another category of security cameras for home use include the types of hidden cameras or covert. The cameras are integrated in watches, thermostats and other items of daily use to disguise their appearance. To determine which camera is best for you, talk to one of our security experts today.

Security before, during and after leaving for vacation

Holidays and year-end approaching, Private Security Falcons advises you to take the necessary steps to have a holiday without setbacks. As important as hotel bookings, bus or plane tickets, enough money, etc., are some simple preventive measures that will ensure that our holidays are meant to be enjoyed.


  • Do not make noticeable.
  • Make sure doors and windows are closed. Check that the boiler is off.
  • Warn relatives or neighbors more confident you’ll be out. If possible, please ask them who has keys to your house if requirieren, if necessary ask that you keep valuables and collect your mail.
  • Tell them which sites, hotels, hostels, etc. you will be and proportional phones these places to reach you.
  • Unplug electrical appliances (TVs, radios, DVD, etc.) cannot be used. Leave the refrigerator at least cold to avoid wasting energy. Shuts off the gas.
  • Leave important papers locked or if possible leave a copy of them to your family.
  • Tells someone you trust about the insurance policy and what to do in case of a major accident (who. warning, will, etc.)
  • Preparing a travel kit containing: Drugs frequently and sufficient for more days that will be taken, provides a saturation of return flights.
  • If accounts with health insurance, investigates if the policy covers the place where you will, in that case, you must bring insurance card and identification of insured traveling.
  • Try to carry our bags to the car one night before or as far as possible that your output is very discreet.
  • Do not carry large sums of money at the start, it is recommended to take traveler’s checks or credit cards.
  • If you need to move you to the airport or bus station by taxi, requesting an official car of the bus station, airport or taxi somewhere. Never get into TAXIS IN THE STREET WITH LUGGAGE.
  • Identify the luggage placed any special or particular sign, which is properly secured, for example a ribbon. There are many similar bags and place them a sign can be very useful and save time.
  • Do not store in the bags of money or identification documents, they should carry in your purse or yourself.
  • Get a map of the place where when you arrive, and identifies: emergency telephones, nearby hospital, police, ATMs, tourist information centers, etc…
  • If the place you get a foreign language is spoken to you, make sure you know how to ask for help
  • Always carry personal identification with you, as well as medical insurance.

If you are staying in hotels, follow these simple tips to stay safe and trouble:

  • By registering on site, keep in sight your luggage.
  • Distinguish the employee carrying the luggage to your room, do not let him do strangers.
  • Deposit valuables and money are not going to use in the box hotel security.
  • During your stay in the room remains with the door closed.
  • If you leave your room, even for a short time, close the door and verify that it is properly closed.
  • Do not provide details of the hotel (name of the, room number, etc.) to strangers. Do not invite strangers to your room people.
  • If you are away, never leave a note in view saying when you will return.
  • If maintenance personnel attempt repairs (electricity, telephones, gas, water, etc.) or services (cleaning windows, etc.) and want to enter your room to do so, without you have requested not authorize their entry, call the front desk or hotel management and consult it for this staff.
  • Never leave your room key on the counter, make sure that you receive in hand the hotel clerk.
  • Immediately informs the manager or owner of the hotel if you observe suspicious persons.
  • Never leave a lit cigarette in the room
  • Do not take your hotel key.
  • If you have illness or require any please inform treatment management when entering the hotel.
  • If you pay by credit card or traveler’s check report it to management.
  • If you have a complaint about the care staff or a service, realizable writing to management.
  • Before making a complaint for theft of any belongings, check boxes, floor, under the bed, laundry or garbage and mentally reviewing your activities of the day, if you accuse unjustly someone, you will cause an unpleasant situation you and that you have charged.
  • Do not take objects owned by the hotel (ashtrays, towels, etc.).
  • Check the timing of meals and breakfasts. Do not make scandals, respect your neighbor’s room or floor.
  • Be sure to properly close your vehicle in the parking lot and not leave valuables inside.
  • Find out if they make currency exchange at the hotel or the place where you can do this.
  • Detects the location of fire extinguishers. Read guest notices and signs placed in the aisles to the fire.
  • Check periodically the operation of the communication system in your room.
  • Check the existence of the emergency lighting system. Check the lighting system in areas with increased exposure to theft (parking, service areas, pools, etc.).
  • When you get to the beach, leave your car in a safe place like a public parking, do not leave anything inside you can draw the attention of any offender.
  • Avoid going to very remote beaches. Some looking for privacy have been victims of assaults. On the beach keep an eye on your belongings and not leave them alone.
  • If you go with children do not lose sight. The activity of minors must be supervised by adults. Avoid sports practices in areas of public assembly.
  • Avoid exposure to excessive sunlight. The best time for sunbathing are before noon and after four in the afternoon.
  • Much attention if you go to buy drinks or food ambulatory. Beware of dehydration, we recommend bring your own liquid. Do not eat liquor if you are going to enter the sea.
  • If you have eaten expects prudent to slip to sea time, check your physical condition, and try not to turn our backs to the sea.
  • The rocky areas and docks are dangerous places to swim. It is best done in places guarded by lifeguards. Nothing always parallel to the shore, avoid introduce offshore.
  • Care for mats and tables as it is very easy to be swept out to sea.

Security at home during Easter holidays

This week we enjoyed some free days due to Easter, when some lucky take the opportunity to go sightseeing. It is also a time when burglars looking to make their particular August at the expense of the houses are empty. If you do not want to take an unpleasant surprise around, attentive to these safety tips at home during the holidays.

Holiday Safety: Protect your home

The first thing is not to warn the thieves and for this we must avoid the temptation to announce your holiday on social networks. We know it’s hard not to share on Facebook those beautiful photos from your visit to Toledo, but we strongly expect to be back home to do so recommend.

Nothing more inviting thieves to you a stack of newspapers on the porch, or a mailbox full of propaganda. Asks a neighbor pick up your newspapers and mail. If your neighbors can not, you can order the temporary suspension of deliveries during your holiday, if you subscribe to any publication. Nor let a message on the answering machine saying you’re away from home.

Most experts agree that your neighbors are the best defense of your home when you’re not. Get to know them and make friends with them and chances are they are more likely to notice suspicious activity around your house while you are away. Of course, leave everything closed and tightly closed.

If you have an alarm system, take charge of putting publicize it well visible stickers. The aim of the alarms not stop the thief in the assault, but prevent it from home. Consider installing a home automation system. The latest security technology let’s see if any thief loitering at the door of your house, turn off and on lights wherever you’re to look like someone is inside, watch your security cameras and more.

Now let’s get the worst and suppose someone gets comes home. To minimize damage saves your jewelry, coins other valuables in a safe. It is better if that is not safe in your home.

Security at Home 20 Tips to protect your home when you go travel

When the time comes to take well-deserved vacation we have many things to think about, many last-minute details we have to solve. However, among the choice of tourist destination, search for airline tickets and hotel selection usually forget something very important: security at home.

This forgetfulness is a detail that many criminals know and exploit so it is not surprising that the thefts and accidents are more frequent when houses are empty. Last year the newspaper ABC reported that robberies empty homes increased by 17%, a trend that seems to spread over much of Spain.

The basic measures to protect home

Ensuring security at home does not mean only protect our home from theft but also from possible accidents. Fortunately, if you follow these basic protective measures you can minimize the risks:

  • Shut off all lights
  • Use a light timer to indicate that someone is at home
  • Connect a radio to the timer to give the impression that the house is occupied
  • Disconnect all equipment from electrical outlets
  • Close the master keys water and gas
  • Close all windows (both internal and external)
  • Empty the refrigerator and unplug
  • Install and activate an alarm system
  • Hiring a security company by the time you’re out and connect with the alarm system
  • Secure all valuables in a safe
  • Do not leave valuables visible from the outside of the house
  • Prune trees and clean the garden to prevent an accident during a storm and eliminate the possibility that these become a “natural steps” to supply the thieves access to the house
  • Delete subscriptions to newspapers or magazines if he will be out for an extended or ask someone to regularly empty the mailbox time
  • Do not leave house keys outside
  • Do not advertise on the Internet or in public places that you will be away from home
  • Seal the garage and the security door
  • You install protective bars on the windows, especially if you live in a neighborhood with high theft rate
  • Leave a generic message on the answering machine not mention you’re away from home or use the call forwarding service
  • Ask someone you trust to check often the house and leave the data to locate you in an emergency
  • If you’re going out in winter season, you must leave someone in charge of cleaning up the home front in the event of Snow

You can also do a home insurance covering theft or any accidents such as fires and damage caused by atmospheric events. However, you should keep in mind that most insurance companies ask that some of these measures are implemented to ensure maximum security at home.

Security and home automation

Database selected can offer solutions for access control and home security and domestic automation systems.

Complete home automation

For total home automation, smart uses biometrics to connect and control many of the functions and systems of your home from a single, simple interface. You can connect the lighting, heating and air conditioning, blinds, appliances and communications so that live more comfortably. And thanks to optimized energy management also helps you save money and protect the environment!

You can create a ‘night’ button that turns off the house when he goes to sleep – in stages if you prefer. Smart acts as a universal remote for your home, accessible from anywhere via the Internet or mobile phone.

Vascular system to private farms

Ideal for exclusive and parking developments, Staff on Time Palm Secure is one of the safest and most reliable technologies available for the control of private access. It consists of an intuitive scanner of the palms, and is fast and easy to use to access the property, residents simply place your hand in front of the reader.

Automation fingerprint

Staff on Time Pro Bio-I is an economical solution based on vascular reading for security and building automation. Through its Access module can be configured Staff On Time Pro Bio-I for access control, and operate electronic locks, lights, alarms and other electronic equipment, activated by authorized fingerprints.

Biometric lock

Iolite Solo is a standalone device controlled outdoor fingerprint locks oriented enterprises and small businesses, garages and residential houses. Built for outdoor use, this sleek and compact terminal has a robust and watertight structure with IP65 rating.

Security alarm systems for home

Invest in an alarm system is a good option for greater security at home because it offers both proven to prevent theft and tranquility options. It is very important to take the time to understand the types of security alarm systems available and exactly how they will improve the safety of your home, so you can buy a system to suit your needs and your budget. Alarm systems can be wired or wireless. You must decide whether to install the system yourself or hire a licensed installer.

With monitoring or unmonitored?

The monitoring systems are those in which a private company monitors your system 24 hours a day, every day, and alert the police if something goes wrong and cannot communicate with you.

Unmonitored systems have sirens and flashing lights in place to alert neighbors in case of a robbery, that is to be confident that their neighbors call the police if you are not at home. With monitoring systems offer better security because vigilance is constant. Generally they operate as follows:

  1. System sensors opening a door, for example are activated by some event.
  2. The system waits 30 to 45 seconds for the homeowner has the opportunity to turn off the system and avoid false alarms.
  3. If the alarm is not deactivated the security system sends a message to the monitoring company over telephone lines or through a wireless device.
  4. The monitoring company receives the message and verifies the alarm, generally calling home or mobile phone owner. If you do not receive the access code or do not receive a response, the company calls the police.
  5. Police respond.

Components of a home alarm system

Control Panel: all alarm system operations are focused on this panel, including connections to the central monitoring station, either through a telephone line or via a cellular or radio.

Central monitoring station (Company): if the system is monitored, and the alarm is activated, the control panel sends a message there.

Keyboards: from here turns on and off the alarm. Keyboards should be placed near the doors so you can turn them on and off when you leave when you return. Most works on a system access code.

Key fobs: similar to the keychain remote control to open / close your car, this device allows you to turn your alarm system from outside without using an access code.

Siren: siren will sound as a warning when the alarm is triggered.

Sensors on doors and windows: trigger the alarm when a door or window is opened. It is also advisable to place glass breakage sensors.

Motion detectors: motion detectors are activated when recording a movement within the protected room. There are several styles to meet the individual needs of the homeowner.

Monitoring with video (transmission or CCTV) most systems offers the option of video surveillance at an additional cost. Images can be sent to the monitoring station (transmission) or captured in place in a digital video recorder (DVR).

Alarm buttons: alert the central station in an emergency situation requiring immediate police response. They are also known as duress alarms.

Choosing an alarm company

If you want to install a security alarm system, first check. Before calling any alarm company, talk to the police. Get an idea of ​​how long it takes to respond to an alarm domestic security before being contacted by an alarm company.

Maybe valuable time (and the same valuables) is lost, which can influence your buying decision. Then ask about fines for false alarms. To ensure your safety, it is recommended that the company monitors its property is certified by Underwriters Laboratory, Factory Mutual or some other recognized testing laboratory at national level (NRTL, for its acronym in English).

Request quotes three different alarms companies in your area and compare detection coverage and features. When talking to company representatives, do not forget to ask about the criminal process evaluation of its employees.

Ask about additional costs to monitoring charges billed by companies such as charges for copies or alarm reports. Beware of long-term contracts of these companies, as they can be difficult to rescind if you decide to cancel the service or move to another house. Ask about warranties and guarantees of security. Check equipment is purchased or rented.

Other considerations

Even with the advent of wireless technology, many systems still need to make an outgoing call a telephone line. Be sure to ask your alarm company exactly how they will communicate with the system in the event of a security breach. If you use Voice Protocol (VoIP) to their phones and the Internet, be sure to tell the monitoring company since the transmission of alarm signals through this kind of lines is often unreliable and should take other measures to ensure proper reception.

If even the fixed line is used, note that many thieves know how to cut a telephone line before entering a house. However, if the telephone line is inaccessible and runs underground, thieves cannot cut the lineup after entering the house, which is too late for them. An alternative is to buy a wireless alarm system that will not allow thieves cut the transmission of the alarm signal.

Safety tips to protect your home

In this blog post, let’s talk about how to keep your home safe and private #LaCostadelSol and what to do in case of theft. The Costa del Sol is a safe place, but it is important to be cautious and avoid surprises. We hope these tips are helpful.

  • You should note that if you live outside the village, most recommended is to strengthen surveillance, as they are often the main objective for the low visibility of neighbors and other houses that can help prevent theft. We advise you have a dog, it is a good method of deterrence.
  • Never hide a spare key near your home or in places like mailbox, pots or box counters. It’s where we first look at a thief.
  • Develop an inventory with serial numbers of electronic equipment, make and model and fotografíelos. In case of theft, it is easier to retrieve.
  • A good reinforcement privacy fences plant would be used to impede visibility to the outside. Routine car parks outside give clues to our presence.
  • Check valuables which is home and not leave it in a place easily accessible, try to keep them in a safe, whether checkbooks, keys, key cards or access codes to online banking.
  • As far as possible avoid discuss your vacation plans and their duration with strangers or social networks and make sure your family do not either.
  • If during this summer sees hanging around your house to unknown individuals or cars, pay attention and avoid any contact with these people, do not open the door or allow them to approach you to the portal, if alive in a complex and threatening their community and neighbors.
  • Inform neighbors if the monitor or president no strangers near their properties. DONATE TO THE SECURITY OF ALL! if you see anything suspicious, do not hesitate to contact the police for thieves any hint of suspicion from the victim does that frighten and change target.
  • Do not stay home with strangers over the phone or internet. Accept only previously requested services (water, electricity, telephone, gas) and require accreditation to its representatives. Keep the door closed until it can fully identify the caller.
  • If after following all these tips, comes home to find the open door or broken window do not enter! Call from outside the police and make sure not to touch anything in the interior, as it can destroy evidence.
  • And finally just it makes it very clear that if a thief enters your home and you are inside, never against you, get out and call who can help you.

We hope to have contributed a little more information on how to protect your home before leaving on vacation, it is very important to follow these steps and watch your belongings, besides helping his safety and that of their families.

Safety tips for your home during holiday

Soon schools will vacation and dads take advantage of this week to make trips outside Lima or even outside the country with their children. To enjoy the most of this trip is important that you have confidence that your home will be protected during your absence.

What to do to make your holiday a chance to enjoy and not a concern?

Do not make public comments about your absence: sometimes the excitement of the journey makes us comment publicly in places where strangers could hear the conversation. This includes making comments on social networks.

Well ensures your doors and windows: Before leaving home, check that all doors and windows of the house are properly closed. An open window, so not easily accessible to intruders, could attract the attention of thieves.

Your belongings are not readily visible: Remember also close the curtains for your belongings as televisions, stereos, etc. are not objects that attract intruders.

Lower the volume of your phone: to prevent it becomes apparent that no one in the house for not answering the phone frequently.

Coordinates the gathering of correspondence: the accumulated correspondence is a sign that no one in the house. Coordinates with a relative to help you collecting it frequently.

Unplug electrical appliances: if possible, disconnect all appliances in your home, including hot springs and closes the faucet. Remember that your alarm panel Key3 has a backup battery 12 hrs. So you need to be permanently connected to the mains.

Activate your alarm with Key3: during your absence Key3 monitor for you to protect your home and be attentive during 24 hours of any incident.

Monitor your home from your Smartphone: if Key3 Total accounts, you can check from your Smartphone cameras placed at home and the status of your alarm.