Alarm system for home

No you have to buy each part of a home alarm separately. There are several kits on the market that allow you to install an alarm for yourself. These kits come with everything you need to set the alarm. If you wish to purchase a monthly security service, many kits also offer you that. Once you buy your kit, you will see a bunch of wires and devices that make up the alarm. Meet some of the main components of each alarm system before installing one.

Window and door sensors

Alarms operate by placing magnetic sensors on windows and doors. These sensors allow the alarm electrical circuit surrounding the house. Once a door or window is opened, the circuit is broken and the alarm sounds. Typically, these alarms have two parts: a part that is glued to the window or door and the other stick to the frame.


The keyboard is the brain of your alarm system. You can enable and disable the alarm from him and extra functions through it. This means that you can set an infinite number of activation or deactivation or enter any code “key” that want to incorporate. If you need to reset your code, you can also do it via the keyboard. This alarm should be placed in an area that is easily found. Beside the door is a good place, as it is likely to have to enter a code off once you get home.

Property Box

The alarm originates in a metal box covered typically located in the basement, attic or closet. This is where all the wiring is connected to the components of your alarm system. If the connection between the alarm and the siren is lost, it usually originates in this box. Inside the box is also a battery that serves as a source secondary energy.


Right next to the housing normally there is a transformer plugged into the wall. This intensifies the tension as it passes from the main power supply to your alarm system. Most alarms are low voltage, so a transformer is needed to prevent a fuse blows. If you have an alarm system high voltage, the transformer is not required.


The siren or alarm is connected to the alarm box housing through cables. Whenever a circuit is broken in the alarm system, one of the sirens begins to sound. You can decide whether or not you want a silent alarm and this will inform the court in the circuit to the alarm company. Other alarms sound a bell or alarm as the situation is notified to the alarm company. Make sure the sirens are located in a place where they can hear well. Place them in a locked room or closet is not recommended.


A rechargeable battery is in the metal box. It only starts working if the primary power source is turned off. So if there is a power failure, the alarm still works. Keep charging the battery at all times, because if not, it will not work during a power outage.