Alarm Systems: what do they bring and what do they cost?

The modern alarm system technology offers the solutions and possibilities. They are interesting not only for the pure protection, but also for insurance reasons. These systems act as an electronic security guard, protecting you from harm.  The most insurer in the tariff principles generally premium discounts for safety devices before. However, the installation of an alarm system is not very cheap. An electronic fuse the outer skin of a detached house costs about 3,600 euros, the borders are open upwards. The price depends on the size of the object and the technical sophistication of the selected alarm. Find out what investment is really useful for you exactly.

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What is an alarm system?

All systems basically consist of three different parts. A perceptual part, consisting of detectors and alarm systems. Second part is the central institutions that evaluate the information of the perceiving part, check the incoming information electronically and provide the plant with electricity.

In addition, it contains the necessary controls and systems for verifying proper operation. The third part of the alarm and registration member. In addition to the activation of the widely audible alarm signal, an assisting authority shall be also, if desired, agreed.

With the help of alarm systems in both the outdoor area around the building, the outer skin, spaces within a building as well as individual objects can be monitored.

The number of detectors used for this purpose is manifold: photoelectric, microwave barriers, fencing and ground surveillance systems for outdoor detection; Magnetic contacts on doors and windows, glass break detectors, vibration contacts, mechanical rope, swing detectors, seismic detectors, alarm glass, wallpaper and alarm latch and for perimeter protection.

For the monitoring of rooms especially ultrasonic, microwave, passive infrared motion detector or combinations thereof, are access control – and time recording systems (a card reader identifies the personal, tamper-proof identification card of the user) is recommended, as well as light barriers.


video surveillance systems are suitable, even at low light conditions optimal images with the date and time, provide both for surveillance of outdoor areas as well as rooms. The detectors used for space surveillance require little installation effort and are especially recommended for subsequent construction in already finished buildings.

For monitoring of an on space object of value are seismic detectors, field change detector, opening contacts, image capture detector, alarm glass, vibration contacts and glass break detectors can be used.

In addition to the so-called silent alarm that goes to the headquarters, about to the police or a security service by telephone, there is the visual alarm, the external alarm – for example, rotating beacon -. Induce addition to these facilities; there are signal systems whose effectiveness is not monitored electronically. These include buttons with a direct connection to a siren, bell or horn, but without emergency power supply.